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Our Services

Blue Collar Steel, offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients across various sectors. These services encompass the entire lifecycle of steel fabrication, from initial design and engineering to the final installation, ensuring a seamless, high-quality outcome for every project.

Key services include:

  • Custom Fabrication: Tailoring solutions to specific project requirements, whether it's architectural steel for buildings, structural steel for infrastructure, or custom pieces for art installations.

  • Welding: Offering professional welding services for a variety of applications, employing certified welders skilled in various techniques to ensure strong, durable joints.

  • Coating and Finishing: Applying protective coatings and finishes to steel products to enhance durability, resist corrosion, and meet aesthetic requirements.

  • Installation: Providing skilled teams to handle the on-site installation of fabricated steel components, ensuring proper fit and integration with other structural elements.


By offering these services, Blue Collar Steel supports a wide range of industries, including construction and manufacturing, contributing significantly to the region's development and economic growth.



Our team of skilled fitters, welders, and shop personnel



Dedicated iron workers are the backbone of Blue Collar Steel

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